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ETFs Built on the Human Factor

The future of investing is here. Introducing Franklin LibertyShares. ETFs that go beyond passive broad market tracking, built instead on the most important factor of all, the human factor.

Patrick O'Connor, Head of Global ETFs for Franklin Templeton, shares his views on the goals of our new line-up of smart beta ETFs and why he is excited to see Franklin Templeton expand its presence into the ETF market.

Introducing Franklin LibertyShares ETFs

Why Franklin LibertyQ Emerging Markets UCITS ETF

By 2030, 86% of the global working age population will live in the Emerging Markets, which will help drive productivity and growth.1 With many recent policy changes and reforms as well as their rapid transformation into a technology leader2, the Emerging Markets are already shaping the future of the world’s economy today.

For investors looking to take advantage of the emerging markets growth story, Franklin LibertyQ Emerging Markets UCITS ETF offers a well-diversified solution based on active insights and the discipline of a rules-based approach.


Invests across 23 emerging market countries

Focuses on high quality securities with attractive valuations

First Smart Beta UCITS ETF based on a multi-factor approach

LibertyQ methodology seeks to capture less market risk relative to a passive broad market tracking ETF

What is Smart Beta?

Franklin LibertyQ ETFs are a series of smart beta ETFs designed to improve upon the benefits of passive broad market tracking ETFs by offering the potential for better investment outcomes.

Smart beta refers to a methodology of index construction which focuses on specific characteristics or factors that have historically driven long-term performance returns.  Learn more about smart beta and how our Franklin LibertyQ ETFs work.

The Lowdown on Smart Beta

Chandra Seethamraju, PH.D., Director of Systematic Modeling, Franklin Templeton Solutions, provides the “lowdown” on smart beta.

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What are Smart Beta ETFs?

Smart beta ETFs are one of the fastest growing investment options available to investors. While the concept may seem complicated, watch this video for a simple explanation of what smart beta ETFs are, how they work and what they are designed to achieve.

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